Steve Meidahl
Allison Grey 
Jamey Doughty
Jill Spencer
Chris L'Abbe ​

Shepard Dunn

More available on request…...

Ken Winters


John Valentine

Lou and Coletta Horvath

Mike Sikes

Richard Lumba

Robbi Rossi

Ed Brazee

Chris Brazee

Samuel Kunz

Jeff Brazee

Amanda Olson

Constance Carter

Olivia Brazee

Dr. Robert Erickson
Bill Smyth 
Jonathan Bartley
Peter and Molly Popieniuck
Alan Steinle
Don and Kathryn Foster
Peter and Susan Bartley

There is no advertising better than word of mouth. Below is a listing of past clients that you may feel free to contact. This group represents a variety of safaris throughout Africa. Please feel free to ask where they travelled, what they enjoyed the most and possible changes they would have made. This information may help you decide on your own itinerary.


Barry Pottle