Scott Guthrie was born and raised on a farm in Zimbabwe. He spent his youth hunting and exploring the Africa bush on and around his families farm.  We have blessed to work with Scott since 1996. Scott has a degree in Agriculture, and has conducted safaris in over nine African countries since he began guiding in the early nineties. Scott is a private pilot, amateur photographer and avid fisherman. Scott's knowledge of the flora and fauna Southern African combined with his dry wit makes him a wonderful safari host. 

Valerie Farren is an invaluable part of Farren Safaris. As office manager she is responsible for ensuring all information is synced with our partners in Africa and confirming all details for every safari. Valerie handles most of the day to day operations of the business and deserves a lot more credit than we usually give her. Valerie has travelled extensively throughout South Africa and Zimbabwe. 
Tim Farren started Farren Safaris in 1995 after fulfilling a lifelong dream by traveling to Africa and spending close to a month on safari in Zimbabwe. At the conclusion of this safari he set out to build a safari company that would allow him to share the authentic Africa he had come to know and love with others. Tim has spent several months in Africa over the years in order to personally visit and select the lodges we utilize for our safaris today.

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