Days 1-3:  Enjoy the first three days of your adventure aboard a motor yacht on Lake Kariba.  You will have the opportunity to enjoy water sports and be guided on game walks in Matusadona National Park. 

Day 4:  This day will be spent driving by four-wheel drive to Manna Pools National Park. Here you will overnight on the shores of the Zambezi River prior to the start of your canoe trip.

Days 5-8:  Today begins your canoeing on the Zambezi River.  You will travel from Mana Pools National Park to Kanyemba on the border of Mozambique.  You will be passing through some of Africa's wildest and unspoiled country where at times the large numbers of animals along the rivers edge can be staggering.  There are no rapids or waterfalls and the river flows at 1.5 to 3 miles per hour. You will travel about 25 miles per day.

Days 9-10:  You will be spending this day traveling from Kanyemba to Livingston, Zambia.  Livingston is home to Victoria Falls, one of the seven wonders of the natural world. You will spend the next two days exploring the area around the falls.

Day 11:  Return flight to Johannesburg to begin your journey home.
Envision yourself dining on the deck of a yacht on Lake Kariba while watching elephants and scores of other African animals drink at the waters edge.  Imagin drifting in a canoe down the third-largest river in Africa, the Zambezi, and having the opportunity to view the Africa experienced by Hemingway and Rouark.  This tour combines the luxury of a full live aboard yacht on Lake Kariba with the excitement and thrill of the African bush in a tented camp.  While on this tour you will have the opportunity to be guided through Matusadona National Park, located along the shores of 100 mile long Lake Kariba.  From Kariba you will travel over a hundred miles on the Zambezi River, Africa's third largest river.  This portion of the trip will allow you to travel through some of Africa's wildest and unspoiled country.  Meals will be prepared over open ovens and served with one of Zimbabwe's noted fine wines. The Zambezi River creates the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and will take you to the Mozambique border town of Kanyemba.  After your return drive from Kanyemba to Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, you will fly to one of the natural wonders of the world,  Victoria Falls, the worlds largest sheet of falling water.  You will have the day to view the falls and browse the many native curio shops located in the town. 

10 Day Safari of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and the Zambezi River