These walking safaris are truly unique in todays safari world. We have put together a series of walking safaris of varying lengths so people of all abilities may have the opportunity to enjoy this experience. We have worked with long time safari guides in National Parks in order to establish a series of tented camps throughout the parks. You will travel approximately seven miles per day taking time to track and view wildlife along the way.

The hikes will take you through the heart of parks to areas not often seen by other tourists. Each day will end with the arrival at a tented safari site awaiting you. It's here that you will enjoy the safari lifestyle experienced by Hemingway and Roosevelt. Drinks around open fires reliving the stories of the day is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

We will end each hike at one of the luxury safari lodges where we will enjoy sundowners around the fire and share the stories from the previous days trek through the bush.

These are becoming our most asked about safaris. The range in duration from three to seven days allows one to combine this with other itineraries as an add on or make it the focus of the safari.

‚ÄčWalking Safaris